The Royal Mint Visitor Centre opened in May 2016. Working with museum designers Mather & Co we brought the film and interactive elements to the project to help tell the story of over 1000 years of history. Through ultra wide projection films, touch screens, a 270 degree film and multiple interactive tables the visitor can learn not only about the coins and medals which are made for over 60 countries around the world, but also about the stories behind all the workers who make The Royal Mint such a unique place to work.

Our dual screen pre-show is presented by Dan Snow and describes the production of coins. A projection mapped table takes viewers through the Mint’s 3 locations over the last 1000 years. A 270 degree film takes you on the journey of a coin, from raw metal to the finely crafted coins which are put into circulation as the various currencies of vast numbers of countries around the world.

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