Developed with partner Sarner International, the Flying Scotsman VR Experience at the National Railway Museum celebrates 100 years of the world’s most famous steam locomotive. Flying Scotsman VR is a fully immersive journey back in time and around the world which celebrates engineering brilliance and explores the science behind steam power. This is a multisensory experience using cutting-edge technology to bring Flying Scotsman’s stories to life right in front of you. The use of wireless VR headsets allows groups of up to 4 people (12 simultaneously) to experience this world famous engine together like never before. Stand on its hotplate and feel the wind rush past your face, feel every movement as you travel to famous locations, even journey inside the engine itself and feel the heat of the firebox as you learn how steam power revolutionised train travel.

To ensure historical accuracy the Flying Scotsman engine was Lidar scanned, and re-created digitally in painstaking detail. A number of versions were produced, with each significant change detailing the amazing journey of this engine over the last 100 years. Created using Unreal engine, it is a blend of animation, motion capture, dynamic lighting and immersive sound which makes this an attraction for all ages. Tickets can be pre-booked on the National Railway Museum website.

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Sarner International
York, UK
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