to create the best experiences for our customers

We are a diverse team with talent from all over the globe: over 8 nationalities, upwards of 5 native languages (and many more secondary languages). We regularly recruit graduates and offer in-house training, sharing the skills and experience of our senior team who in turn absorb new ideas, techniques and technologies. Our mixture of cultures and the naturally inclusive nature of the Figment family mean that we have a constantly overflowing pool of ideas, opinions, views and sensitivities to bring to bear on each project, allowing us to produce work for our clients that appeals to all audiences.

As a company, Figment is best known for creating Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, Thorpe Park (2017), Galactica, the world’s first rollercoaster dedicated to VR, Alton Towers (2016), Kraken Unleashed, SeaWorld Orlando (2017), and The Great Lego Race, a VR Rollercoaster experience launched in numerous Legoland Resorts worldwide (2018).

Our industry leading professionals have delivered millions (yes, literally millions) of immersive experiences around the world. Over the last decade, we have delivered 360 video, CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), visual effects and dedicated VR projects for some of the biggest brands, which include LEGO, Merlin Entertainments, SeaWorld, Coca-Cola, Volvo, Universal Studios and a range of internationally known sports brands from Wimbledon to Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC.


To deliver the best experiences visually and technically for our clients and customers. We work to deliver the best solution for any brief we receive, and strive to push the boundaries to go beyond all technical and creative expectations. We’re not afraid of a challenge here at Figment; our forward-thinking approach and willingness to redefine the norm make our projects unique and extraordinary.

Our team is always hungry for the next big challenge. Over the years we have developed relationships with big brands and technological innovators which have allowed us to work with technology not yet available to the public. We endeavour to continue building these relationships to continue using the best technical solutions available on the market, and where they don’t yet exist, we create our own solutions! Our mission is to break new ground, to define new entertainment, education and enterprise experiences and above all, to deliver excellence.