Our work on Galactica began in 2014 as we were developing our unique Vector VR motion synchronisation system (patent pending). The ride opened to public in 2016 – the world’s first rollercoaster fully dedicated to virtual reality. Every single one of the 84 seats on the ride has its own virtual reality system permanently installed, offering a VR experience to thousands of people all day, every day.


After a year of operation, in 2017 we upgraded the system to Vector VR v2.0, bringing all of our experience to bear. It featured a new, bespoke set of operational controls delivered via our own custom electronic control boards, individual cell monitoring in our new, custom battery packs and improved headset ergonomics. All graphic processing was moved away from the headset, removing any chance of overheating on even the hottest of summer days.


The VR media was produced by our talented in-house computer animation team and was the first VR rollercoaster to feature fully pre-rendered content, raising the bar on visual quality to a level associated with movies rather than mobile games, as many people experienced VR for the first time.

In every way, we believe this combination of media and technology developed entirely in-house at Figment, sets the standard for world class VR in theme parks.

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