Following several years pioneering the use of virtual reality in the leisure industry, delivering VR to nearly 4 million visitors at attractions around the world, Figment has developed what we consider to be the ultimate, next generation, immersive experience. We’ve created a new system codenamed Project Helix: a software-hardware platform that utilises best-in-class technology mixed with our own in-house innovations. It combines full-motion, free-roaming VR with tactile props and sets, physical 4D effects, and most importantly, our unique multi-user, realistic avatar system. Don’t wait for the misunderstood ‘holy grail’ of AR to reach the Out-of-Home Entertainment space. Don’t get lost in the arguments of AR versus VR – which is the future? We give you the best of both worlds right now: scanning you and your friends and family, and putting you into the virtual world so you can explore it together.

Having worked with huge entertainment IPs like Harry Potter and LEGO, Figment’s world class pedigree in digital media production promises best-in-class content, delivered as multi-user, social experiences. Our intention is to go beyond ‘VR-laser tag’, beyond pure shoot-em-ups to deliver the next generation of immersive entertainment.

Why just sit in front of a screen…? Step into the game. Step into the movie. Step into your imagination – and take your friends and family on the journey with you.

There’ll be more news to come in the next few months when we announce some incredibly exciting collaborations with content and IP partners… along with the real name of Project Helix, something that for now, we have to keep secret.

We will be offering our new system to customers in the Out-of-Home Entertainment industries with the first sites targeted for 2019 along with a constantly evolving library of world class content.

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