In collaboration with LEGO & Merlin Entertainments, Figment Productions were tasked with creating all pre-show and on-board ride content for LEGOLAND California’s flagship new attraction LEGO Deep Sea Adventure. During the ride guests travel in a LEGO submarine on an amazing underwater voyage to encounter real sea creatures and spot long-lost treasure!

Working closely with LEGO, Figment scripted, voice recorded, animated and installed 2 pre-show films to be displayed to visitors as introductions to the ride experience. Along with a requirement to match the exceptional and beloved LEGO animation style, these films needed to be extremely entertaining, informative, fun and memorable to visitors.

We also designed an exhilarating touch-screen game in which guests use their ‘Treasure Trackers’ to spot LEGO treasure pieces in the water to win points and eventually earn prestigious explorer badges.

Excitingly, Deep Sea Adventure marks the first time ever that LEGO have permitted animated face projection mapping onto a physical LEGO model. Figment underwent rigorous research and development to execute this within brand guidelines for maximum guest interaction and enjoyment.

The result is an unforgettable experience in which guests enjoy world-class animations, meet living LEGO characters and play to find LEGO treasure!

Merlin Entertainments
California, USA
Visitor Attractions