Using a combination of live theatre and the latest digital technology, The Gunpowder Plot is a journey back in time to London in 1605. You are thrown into a world of conspiracy and danger as you experience this iconic period of British history.

Figment worked as part of the Layered Reality team to create all the digital content for the experience, including projection mapping, visual effects, motion platform programming and virtual reality. Our Hyphen platform underpins the VR experiences, enabling multi-user capabilities and offering technical tools to the operations team.

Authentic digital models of major landmarks like London Bridge were painstakingly created in 3D from detailed research material, and then combined with digital characters to blend seamlessly with the live actors who guide guests through the experience. A talented cast of actors (including Tom Felton as Guy Fawkes) were filmed and captured in a variety of forms, and their digital doubles created via photogrammetry. Our in-house motion capture team recorded and edited many hours of performances, before they were incorporated into the VR scenes.

At the Gunpowder Plot you are not just witnessing history, you become part of it. Tickets can be booked on the official website here.

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