‘London’s Got Character’ is a prototype location-based AR app for London. It was developed as part of Digital Catapult’s ‘Creative XR’ programme, which selected twenty projects to receive up to £20,000 funding to create a prototype immersive experience and culminated in a marketplace where potential investors were invited to try the prototypes.

‘London’s Got Character’ aims to bring the city’s cultural history to life through its vibrant literary, artistic and historical characters who secretly roam the streets. Users must locate the characters on a map inside the ‘London’s Got Character’ app. They then track them down using a phone or tablet to bring to life the augmented characters right in front of their eyes. From Guy Fawkes preparing barrels of gunpowder outside the Houses of Parliament to Sherlock Holmes waiting for a case on Baker Street, the characters are educational and entertaining.

We partnered with Dimension Studios for the project to volumetrically capture the characters in their purpose built studio.

Digital Catapult
London, UK
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