Working closely with heritage exhibition specialists Mather & Co, we were commissioned to create 10 original films and interactives celebrating the history of one of Britain’s oldest and most important cathedrals, St Albans. As part of this project we produced digitized versions of some of the cathedral’s illuminated medieval manuscripts, as well as priceless artefacts that would not usually be accessible to the public. As well as motion graphics pieces, we also filmed at the cathedral at multiple special events. This allowed us to showcase the best that the cathedral has to offer through festivals, events, architecture, music, history and participation in the local community.

One of the interactives was the Digital Guide, a virtual web-based tour application that allows guests to easily navigate the cathedral whilst learning about its wonderful history and secrets at their own pace. Guests access the Digital Guide via the cathedral’s website and follow a map and directions around the cathedral, visiting different hotspots to unlock content such as 360-degree videos, close-up images, quiz questions and facts. The overall experience is a fun and educational virtual tour that can be enjoyed both in the cathedral and at home. The films and interactives will provide a rich resource for the cathedral team and its visitors for years to come.

St Albans Cathedral
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St Albans, UK
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