Chartwell’s Visitors Book tracks the large number of prominent visitors who stayed at Winston Churchill’s home, Chartwell, over a 40 year period. This interactive display helps show off this fascinating book in new ways, giving a glimpse into the famous friends, family and faces who visited Chartwell over the years and signed this unique historic record. Using the large touchscreen display, visitors are able to browse through the handwritten entries of more than 700 personalities, as well as special profiles for the most famous guests. 

The Interactive Touch-wall installation explores Churchill’s artwork in depth and detail, allowing guests to discover his paintings at their own pace and focus on their own personal interests. Located in Its own room and using a projector with infra red sensor which allows the entire wall to become a touch surface, the exhibit highlights the artistic style and techniques Churchill developed over the years as well as the geographical and creative journey he pursued during his 50 years of painting.

Within Churchill’s studio there are over 100 hundred paintings on display. The Interactive Digital Painting Guide is an app that allows users to learn about them in more detail, either through close up scans or information about which person or location inspired their creation. By using a tablet, users can see a 3D recreation of the studio in which they are standing and touch each individual painting to learn more about them.

National Trust
Kent, UK
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